Provide Performance For Your Ride

Strong Designs

Performance parts can be fun but also a must have for a nice ride. They can also can help extending the “life” of your vehicle.

Sturdy Parts

Here at car subwoofers we think having safe, and reliable parts are just as important as having a nice ride. They can make all the difference in the world.

Get Crusin Not Snoozin

So if you are looking for replacement air filters to boost horsepower or a long lasting battery with for your recreation vehicle or boat. We have it.


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Amplifiers and Equalizers That Bring Ease And Clarity to your Music

If your looking for a good amplifier or equalizer, there are many here that would work for you.  Some of the features that you’ll find on these systems include surround sound and illumination buttons for night time usage.  Also, you will notice that some systems will actually lower the temperature of the Amplifier with a D/A conversion while not compromising efficiency.

Check out the equalizer with a controller for level balance as well as a fader and center leveling mechanism.  They can bring you enhanced tonal quality.

And if that’s not enough, some rack mounting kits will offer the ability to match the dashboard color of your car or truck, so make sure to check if your model is included.

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Make Your Ride Sound Great

When it comes to car audio there are many things to think about. Installing a great audio system can be awesome if done the right way. However if its done the wrong way can be a huge headache.

Here in this short article you will find some easy tips and suggestions that will make your ride sound great!

Where do you want to take your sound?

If you know what kind of system you want in your car then great you have a jump start. If you don’t then you need to decide on what kind of sound experience you are looking for. Heavy with bass, or the concert experience, or both.


Now its time to do some foot work and see which products fit your car model best for the sound experience you are going to install, Where they can be found as well as reviews from other costumers.

Test The Waters

The most important part of enjoying your car audio system is whether or not YOU like what you hear. Don’t be afraid to test the waters. Find out what its capabilities are without damaging its components. Tune it to your liking.

Have fun and rock out with your perfect car audio system!

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Speakers with large sound for a great value

To get that rocking sound that we all wish for you need to have a great set of speakers.  Here at Car Subwoofersz you will find such a wonderful assortment that your biggest problem will be which one to choose.

Such as Polk Audio MM series which has as many as 18 new models that support just about any application your using.  The exceptional sound quality is state of the art as well as a great value for the money.  This loud speaker system is perfect for both your truck or boat.

Talking about big sound!  Over sized voice coils gives you a big quality sound while still affording great pricing.

There are many kinds of speakers available here ranging from loud speakers, car and boat speakers and much more.  Take a look at the many Polk Audio systems and more here at Car Subwoofersz for your speakers today.

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Hear the difference

Time to Upgrade?

A great stereo can make all the difference. Music is continually changing so why not hear it at its best right?

So many options!


We have stereos with balance controls so you can tune your music to your perfect harmony. All can be navigated simply and easily.

Hear the music.

So look through and find the best car auto supplies that you need and thank you for checking out car subwooferz.

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Welcome to Car Subwoofersz

Car Subwoofersz makes your shopping experience a fun and thrilling one as we present many sub woofers and speakers to make your ride ROCK!

Please browse our different categories and enjoy what these items can mean to your auto sound system.

Good car sub woofers make an ordinary ride a treat you won’t soon forget.

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